I Love Linyi I Love Linyi University
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Since I chose Linyi University as my third choice of universities I wanted to study in, I had always imagined the surrounding in Linyi. I supposed it was not a rich city so I had to a laborious life for four years .But when I arrived in Linyi, I was surprised! There was a clean and beautiful beach along Yi River. Modern buildings were standing everywhere and the roads were wide and broad. I suddenly realized that Linyi wad an city but not a rural area anymore.

Then the register day was coming, I went to our campus by taxi. I had so many classmates that it was difficult for me to stuff them all in the car. And the lock of boot was destroyed because of the full. I felt really sorry about that. However the taxi driver just made his effort to shut the boot top in stead of blaming me. At that moment, I knew the driver was an epitome of Linyi People. I would eventually love this city, for its kindness and warmth.

Nevertheless, after the registration, I was regretful for coming to Linyi University because the beginning of my college life was filled with bad weather, tiring military training, homesickness and boring days. As time went by, I made friends with my new mates and I found that they were all friendly and nice. Even most of them were so humorous that I enjoyed the happiness from chatting and playing jokes with them. Also my confidence came back when I heard the applause after my singing. Standing on the stage of the evening party to welcome freshmen, watching the audience in strong light, I knew I had already fallen in love with Linyi University.

Now, think of the pretty sceneries along the river banks in Linyi and my lovely friends here,I can say I love Linyi ,I love Linyi Universe.