One university, one dream
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Linyi University is a wonderful place from where my career is flying.

I was satisfied with the university when I came here on the first day. Both the unique style of the building and the whole environment attract my eyes. Stepping into the harmonious family, I make friends with kind-hearted teachers and warm-hearted students.   

It is well-known that our university is famous for its red culture, especially its spirit. The first class was about the school spirit.

As a matter of fact, the school spirit basically stands for the value of a university. The school spirit of universities varies from one to another. For our school-Linyi University, the spirit is "YiMeng Spirit”, which means righteous, pondering, aspiring. These simple words stand for complicated and subtle meanings. On campus, every student receives red education, by which they can have a better understanding of YiMeng Spirit. After knowing the school history as well as those heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country, I make up my decision to be an industrious student to acquire as much knowledge as possible and make contribution to the society.

To be honest, the spirit motivates me to pursue a high standard of life. Of course, studying in university is a beautiful dream for me. It should be such a place for contemplation and inspiration. The enthusiasm for knowledge makes the next few years fill with happiness. This is a crucial turning point in my life.

In our Linyi University, you can know the pluralistic culture. Here, you must devote yourself to learning English, which is compulsory. It’s obvious that career preparation is becoming more and more necessary for students. Only by being well equipped with knowledge and skills can we be employed in the future. English comes first of all. So our school is really wise to offer us a good opportunity to improve our English.

What's more, we can find some part-time jobs in our spare time. In this way can we make money and accumulate work experience. It’s really a great chance for us students to know more about the real world and improve ourselves. With the abundant knowledge and various experiences, we can achieve success one day.

In the end, I want to say, I love our Linyi University. It not only supplies the place for my study but also like a big warm family. I’m sure that our school will be developing faster and better. In the near future, it must be the excellent.